Elective Affinities

For a magazine article, our project Unexpected Journey received a little update.


The Face of a Genre

The WikiArt collection contains over 100 K digital images of paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures etc. The collection formerly went by the name WikiPaintings. The basis of this study is…


Analysis of Image Composition

The Gugelmann Collection consists of roughly 2300 items that are so far digitised. In a first round of this project, three different aspects of information contained in the…


Gugelmann Galaxy

After a first version developed in processing and a second version adopted to Unity3D, programmed in C#, I finally found some time to have a look at Three.js….


Floating through an image galaxy – in VR

In addition to the Processing-visualisation presented as the final result of our Hackathon project, I developped a new mean of representation for the 2300+ images of the Gugelmann…


ASCII art with p5js

I recently stumbled upon what looks like quite a fundamental remake of, now called Since I made fPix and several other small projects with the former,…


Connecting the Dots

Schweizer Kleinmeister, Gugelmann CollectionThis is a sort of by-product of our Cultural Hackathon project. Some of the 2300+ works from the Gugelmann Collection had two or more authors…


Schweizer Kleinmeister: An Unexpected Journey

This project is our contribution to the 1st Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon, taking place on Friday, 27th and Saturday 28th of February 2015 at the Swiss National Library…


Genealogy, part III

Part III in this series (see part I and part II) starts from the same list of persons (mathematicians, physicists, artists, architects, composers, …) and crawls their respective…



Try it now!I gave an old project of mine, developed back in 2007 when working at Raplab, a little brush-up. While the first version was a compiled jar…


Eiffel tower

Every one knows what it looks like, right? Many have a clear image of it in their head. But draw it? How was that? Inspired by the project…


Genealogy, part II

In order to add some more dimensions than just the linear timeline as in the genealogy of science, I started this project. Inspired by Andrej Karpathys project analysing Twitter…